Random enough?

by prototypemmeh

Once again I’ve managed to mess up my own schedule and miss a posting day.  Part of this is because no topic is coming to mind that I really want to discuss.  So, I shall take any and all topic suggestions under advisement henceforth.

For now: RANDOM FACTS!  Because we all love those.

-I’ve lost 4.5 pounds since the beginning of April.  This, sadly, is unwanted.
-I was going to sign up for NAGA Seattle that’s happening on May 18th, but I’m apparently going to Montreal for work that weekend instead.
-My instructor Christiaan was awarded his purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  Many congratulations to him.
-I really need to get off my ass and earn my blue belt.
-I logged into XBox Live the other evening.  Sadly, everything I wanted to do required an update.
-Returning to playing video games isn’t quite like riding a bike.  I certainly died a few times as I re-familiarized myself with the controls.
-Some USB sticks don’t get along with PS3 Slims.
-I need to remember to grab my goggles for when I go swimming next.
-I may be trying to guilt my parents into visiting  in the early summer so I can see them again.  Also so they can “interrogate” my girlfriend in person.

Maybe I’ll be more prepared for next week … or maybe not.  But suggest topics!

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
Your #1 Canadian eh?