by prototypemmeh

Saturday March 23rd, friends and allies Jennerosity and Benevolance hosted a themed costume party dubbed “Samurai Night Fever”.  As you might guess, the theme was Japanese.  The bulk of the attendees – hosts included – opted for robes, and made some nice ones on top of that.  However, myself and one other opted for a gi.  I donned a Kamikaze Europe “Fighting Gi” and Ev donned a judo gi and some basic sparring armour from his Taekwondo days.

As we arrived, we drew for a house to gain honour for.  I drew “Tsuru”, with a Crane logo.  Each house had an advantage and disadvantage to it, which could gain additional honour, or gain dishounour.  Over the course of the afternoon and evening there were several competitions to showcase various skills.

The first challenge was the Haiku.  Ev, Jeff and I drew a card each, and whatever word was on each card had to be incorporated into the haiku.  “Axe”, “River” and “Fire” were our chosen words.  After the allotted time was up, we handed them in for Lance to read out loud.  We would vote on which we liked best, but we couldn’t vote for our own.  My haiku was based off personal experience:


Axe kick to my face
A River of blood flows from me
Cauterize with Fire



Next we had the Origami challenge, which I somehow won as well, folding 3 out of the 10 different puzzles.  I managed the butterfly, the 4-pointed star and the boat.  Had I more time I probably could have gone back and completed my first puzzle, though I can’t recall which one I attempted.


Then we had the “Odds and Evens” gambling challenge, where I narrowly squeaked a second-place finish for another honour.  By “narrowly squeaked” I mean I held my last chip to bet until the end, and thus had one more than most of the other gamblers.


Next was Dominion, which was pretty fun, if confusing for one of our participants at first.  Fortunately I was between Gareth and Jeff, the two who have played the game before, so any questions I had were quickly answered.  I lost the challenge, but suffered no dishonour for having fun.


Then came the video games.  We busted out Mario Kart 64 in Battle Mode and Tetris.   I can do the Tetris dance, but I cannot play well enough to compete.  The same goes for Karaoke on Rock Band.  I was randomly assigned a Modest Mouse song, which I then … butchered … horribly.
Unfortunately losing at Karaoke had me suffer dishonour.


That wrapped up the Samurai Night Fever festivities, and my end result was 7 honour and 1 dishonour for House Tsuru.


We tuned into the Hon Basho afterward, to let our teams compete.  Senshu won me $1, and I may change up my team a bit for the next tournament.  Too many injured fighters, and too much singing instead of getting ready for the tournament.


I didn’t consume as much Sake, simply because I had a date planned for Sunday afternoon.  Speaking of which, I need to pick out a couple of “Thank You” cards.


–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
Your #1 Canadian eh?