Family Future

by prototypemmeh

I apologize for missing last week’s post, I had to work on the weekend, and there was quite a bit of drinking involved.  They may have even been related … who knows?

With my bro Jordan being a new father – and to be perfectly honest, his baby girl is cute – I started thinking about the progression of my family line.

  • My brother has one sibling: me.  My sister-in-law (a.k.a. his wife) is an only child.  They are expecting their firstborn in the summer.
  • I may be out of town/province/country/continent when their child is born.  I suppose the proper thing to do would be to inform them so I don’t get a phone-call at odd hours in Japan.  That would be expensive.
  • I am the only Uncle this child shall have.  I get to spoil him or her or them rotten, teach them all the cool moves I know, and generally make my brother’s life difficult, just like when we were kids ourselves.
  • Since I will be the only Uncle, this means I am responsible for providing cousins.  Cousins are key for anyone, no matter their age.  Even if you’re not close with a cousin growing up, you connect strongly with them as adults.  I am quite close to two of my cousins that I saw maybe a half-dozen times as a child.
  • Their child will have one great grand-mother on our side, and I believe a great grand-mother and great grand-father on her side.  This boggles my mind, I knew none of my great grand-parents, and the same goes for my brother.
  • He, she, or they will have two grand-parents on our side, and three or four on her side.  Her parents are divorced, and I believe her mother remarried.  I’m not sure about her father.  While I’m used to having friends with divorced parents, it will take me a while to wrap my head around a child having multiple grand-parent couples on the same side of the family.
  • My brother and I used Japanese words for our maternal grand-parents, in an attempt to embrace at least a tiny bit of our heritage.  However, we didn’t use the formal terms, instead just using “Baachan” and “Jiichan”.
  • On the flip side, our paternal grand-parents were referred to by “Nanny” and “Pops”, the reasons for which I can only assume lie within some part of British culture.  I believe my paternal great grand-father was referred to as “Chief”.
  • My cousin once told me that in order to keep family land in Japan, one of our female ancestors had her husband take her family name. I feel as though this would be uncommon in present day, but in Japan at least 70 years ago?  Yikes.
  • The Nagasaka and Perkins lines will be continued, however the Quackenbush line ends with my sister-in-law.  I suppose it’s inevitable that a family line will end eventually.

Those are just some thoughts that popped into my head.

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
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