Hon Basho

by prototypemmeh

It’s that time of the year!  The Hon Basho kicked off for us North Americans on March 9th, and will wrap up on the 23rd.  You may remember a post back in January about the Hatsu Basho and the fantasy teams we picked.  I ended up winning $4 from it, and now look to increase my winnings this tournament.

To that end, I have re-enlisted the help of most of the same wrestlers.  Unfortunately, Chiyonokuni was promoted into the Makuuchi division.  I say “unfortunately”, but it is a good thing to see one of yours receive his just due.  So I have a new pick stepping in to replace his mawashi.

My Maegashira division remains unchanged:

My Juryo division is 4/5ths unchanged:
The newest addition to Team Senshu, ranked Juryo, out of Shikihide Beya: Sensho. He may be ranked #14, but I believe that Sensho will make himself, his Heya, and the rest of Team Senshu proud with his performances.
There may be sporadic/Sake-laden Twitter updates on the 23rd, with the hashtag “Sumo” or “Senshu” … if I remember.
Your #1 Canadian eh?