Experiments all up in this

by prototypemmeh

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been experimenting with some home-brew recipes for food.  My basic meal is rice, veggies, meat and sometimes egg.  It’s suitable to my current lifestyle: physical job in warehousing and plenty of mat time.  But how many ways can you pan-fry chicken?  Or beef?  Or eggs for that matter?  Add in the fact that I’m bound by allergen restraints such as most nuts and all seafood, and you see my limitations (Note, they aren’t MY allergies, I just don’t enjoy killing my roommate).

I grab recipes where I can: from coworkers, Mike Dolce, random inspiration, Twitter … y’know, the usual.

My first big one was a marinade for chicken, but I’m sure it could be easily adapted to beef or pork.  It’s a half/half of Dijon mustard and Horseradish (and for me, it was the “Extra Hot” version).  I whisked it together and let the chicken breasts sit in the mixture for around 48 hours.
I did this a few times, and the results were manageable.  It had a vinegary smell, but not overpowering -at least not to me- and had a mild taste.  I either need to thaw the chicken first, slice it and then marinade it, or find a third-party to enhance the flavour.

Result: Decent, but further experimentation warranted.

My next experiment is based off a product that my roommate’s boyfriend consumes: beef/liver burgers.  He’s a big fan of organ meats, which reminds me of steak and kidney pie my mother made.  Delicious.
To recreate this, I took fresh beef patties, diced up chicken livers, folded a patty in half with liver in-between.  I gave it a bit of a smush, worked the edges together, and then into the frying pan it went.  The result was satisfactory, but there are improvements to be made for next time.
Ideas include mixing ground beef and liver together and then forming the patties, along with some spices for added flavour.

Between the two, the burgers require less prep and cooking time, making it preferential that way.  After a few more attempts, I’ll have a more conclusive favourite, although I’d have to screw the burgers up pretty badly right now for them to drop out of the top spot.

What about you, my faithful readers?  Any home-crafted recipes to share?

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
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