A stable of Sumo

by prototypemmeh

For almost a year now I have been watching live streams of Sumo tournaments out of Japan.  These tournaments run 14 days, with each wrestler competing once a day.  Each wrestler is in a ranked division, and the better record you create and amass, the higher you shall be promoted.  Of course, if you consistently lose, you risk the opposite: demotion.

For this Hatsu Basho, our hosts have decided to start a betting pool along the lines of a fantasy team.  I’ll quote directly from the e-mail:

We’re running a betting pool for the Hatsu Basho. Cost of entry is $15. Each entrant selects 10 wrestlers: 5 from the Juryo ranks, 5 from the Maegashira ranks (no yokozuna, ozeki, komusubi or sekiwake allowed selections!). This is your Heya for the tournament.

The selection process is not elimination-style: two people can select the same wrestler for their stable; but a single person cannot select the same wrestler more than once.

Each day, we tabulate the results. Whomever’s Heya has the most wins for a given day (ties are allowed) wins $1.

At the end of the tournament, there will be two prizes awarded:

The Fighting Spirit prize (1/4 of the remaining betting pool) will go to the person whose heya generated the most kachi-koshi (winning records).

The Emperor’s Cup (and all remaining cash monies) will be awarded to the person whose heya generated the most cumulative wins for the tournament.

In the event of a tie for either the Fighting Spirit or the Emperor’s Cup awards, the tie-breaker will be decided in the following order:

1) Winningest rikishi for the tournament.
2) Roll 3d20, add the results. Highest number wins.
3) Swimsuit contest.

Some additional rules:

*It is possible for a person to win both the Emperor’s Cup and the Fighting Spirit prizes.

*In the event one of your wrestlers goes kyujo (withdraws due to injury), you will be short that wrestler for the remainder of the tournament. This is sumo. Suck it up, Huckleberry.

So there we have it.  I’ll post my stable just below the link to Goo-Sumo.

Sumo stable “Senshu”

-Juryo division:

-Maegashira division:

The screening begins tonight at 7PM, which I may or may not be tweeting, depending on how much sake is consumed.  Here’s to Senshu, and those who will follow!

Your #1 Canadian