Welcome to the New You

by prototypemmeh

Maybe it’s just a North American thing, but people love their New Year’s Resolutions.
Typical resolutions include:

  • Getting in shape/losing weight
  • Finding an enjoyable job
  • Learning a new skill
  • Spend more time with Family/Friends
  • Enjoy life more

And unfortunately, most of those resolutions don’t last long.  Gyms and Martial Arts clubs see a rise in people, which quickly diminishes come February or March.  Excuses are made with the weather, not feeling up to it/lack of energy, and plenty of others.  I was among those, I once resolved when I was young to do at least 10 sit-ups a day.  I think I made it to day 4.

I have some new goals in mind this year, and some of them are going to take longer than a year.  It just happens to be around the time of New Years that they were conceived:

  • Compete internationally in BJJ
  • Re-learn French to the same standard I once had
  • Go beyond my former standard of French
  • See what I can do about making sure my niece(s) and/or nephew have an aunt by the time they’re born

And of course I still have a few long-term goals to accomplish:

  • earn my blue belt in BJJ
  • compete at the 2015 Pan-Ams

The Pan-Ams was my first goal since I started BJJ, especially since Toronto is hosting it.  If I can start getting international experience as a four-stripe white or a fresh blue, then all the better.  The Pan-Am Games are ranked below the Mondials in California, but I’m fine with that.  At some point I’ll have to start getting used to civilian spectators that I know in the crowd, my parents would probably come watch me compete, and any other  family I have out there as well.  I don’t look forward to explaining the details of a match to them, I have an idea of how it looks to an outsider.

All of this will come to pass once I get over this horrible semi-flu that I caught on Thursday.  In the meantime, Santa gifted me with a new computer, an HP Envy.  As I recover bodily fluids, lost weight and strength, I’ll be setting up my new rig and transferring all required files.

Until next post!

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”Your #1 Canadian